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Review: Phantomleaf WASP II Z3a Taipan Agility Jacket and Trouser

Review Phantomleaf Taipan Agility Jacket and Trouser G2 WASP II Z3a

The Taipan clothing system includes lightweight and robust field clothing with Phantomleaf camouflage patterns Wasp II Z3a and Z2. Thanks to the clever ventilation, the field jacket and trousers are also suitable for use in very warm environments. A unique feature of the Taipan series is the attached slit tape, which makes it easy to attach 3D camouflage material (leaves, raffia, mesh, etc.). This review is mainly intended to provide an overview of the ventilation system and the camouflage options. The general features of the clothing such as pockets, sizes and material can be found in detail on the store pages.


Phantomleaf Taipan Agility Jacket G2 WASP II Z3a with attached Phantomleaf Python Leaves G1



 Phantomleaf Taipan Agility Trouser G2 WASP II Z3a with attached Phantomleaf Python Leaves G1


A special feature of the Phantomleaf Taipan Agility G2 line is its outstanding ventilation system. There are sections with mesh material in numerous places. This mesh material is already familiar from the Python series and is therefore highly resistant and, like the NyCo, is also IR printed in the WASP II camouflage pattern.

The ventilation areas with the mesh material are located in the following places:

Ventilation at the back of the knees


Ventilation in the crotch 


Armpit ventilation


Ventilation through mesh trouser pockets

Ventilation through gaiters made of mesh material


The large areas with mesh fabric ensure very good air exchange. This makes the Taipan line suitable for high ambient temperatures. The body also does not overheat so quickly when moving. Ventilation systems from other manufacturers cannot quite keep up with this. Only in winter were the trousers a little too “draughty” in the crotch area. 

Nice detail: Crye Knee Pads also fit in the pocket in the knee area of the trousers:

The knee area is additionally reinforced with Cordura


Now we come to the interesting unique selling point of the Phantomleaf Taipan Agility G2 clothing line, the attached slit tape (also printed in the Phantomleaf camouflage pattern). This slit tape enables camouflage materials to be attached very easily, which is unique for field clothing. This increases the camouflage effect of normal field clothing enormously, as not only can the actual camouflage pattern be effective, but the silhouette is also further broken up by 3D elements. It also makes it easier to adapt the clothing to different environments, e.g. in spring and summer with green and in fall and winter with brown or white camouflage leaves and camouflage material. The Taipan jacket and trousers have the decisive advantage of maintaining freedom of movement and access to equipment, chest rigs and pockets despite 3D camouflage. This is not always guaranteed when using ghillies and camouflage ponchos.


Camouflage materials can be looped in and attached using the slit tape:

Picture slit tape in Phantomleaf camouflage print

Image Slit tape with looped 3D leaf material

This gives us an excellent camouflage effect in different environments, as the following
pictures show.

Conclusion: The Phantomleaf Taipan clothing system offers a significant advantage over conventional field clothing: the very simple application of 3D camouflage materials. Phantomleaf offers with the Python leaves very light camouflage material in various WASP II patterns. The ventilation system is also very efficient and sets itself even further apart from the competition. 

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